Hotmail Sign In is the emailing service for free where you can save many of your things like contacts, tasks and calendaring services which were founded by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith in Mountain View, California and headquarters in Sunnyvale in 1996 as Hotmail (stylized as HoTMaiL). After that Hotmail was acquired by Microsoft in 1997 for an estimated $400 million and launched as MSN Hotmail. Now it comes within 36 languages and replaced by in 2013. After sometime, hackers revealed a security flaw in Hotmail that permitted anybody to log In to Hotmail Account using the password ‘eh’. Well below we are discussing about some related topics like How to Sign in Hotmail account or learn basic steps for creating a hotmail account.

Now, here we are going to help all our users who are facing many problems while create an account on Hotmail service or sign in to hotmail. Then thanks to us that we are providing all the things in just simple steps with a proper image which will help you to learn all the things easily.

Hotmail Sign In login help

Log In Hotmail Account

You can easily login to hotmail account without any problems and bridges. Just learn all the steps which are given below:

  • Go into your browser (Internet Explorer/Opera/Chrome/Firefox etc.)
  • Next, enter it will automatically redirect you to Hotmail Homepage which is now.
  • Now you have to enter your Hotmail email Account in the upper box where you have asked Microsoft account. Please remember all accounts, Hotmail Accounts and live accounts because they are interconnected with Microsoft account as same as Gmail Account.
  • Last step, you seen password section so please enter the respective password of email that you entered previously.

hotmail sign in accountSo there is another way to logged in to Hotmail Email account for all time without entering your hotmail account credentials each time you sign in. If you are signing in hotmail account to your personal computer then you can see a link named “Keep me Sign in” which is mainly for keep your account signing all time just save your details. But before we advised you never save your credentials to your computer if someone also uses it.

  • Click in Sign in button and you are into Hotmail home page, where you can manage your hotmail emails as per your choice.
  • So, here if your login is unsuccessful then it mean either your Hotmail email or password is incorrect. Now you have to enter again and check them both before pressing enter. Even after you are facing problem when signing then you have to reset your Hotmail Password.

Hotmail Login with Single-Use Code

Well, this is the very serious case we found after the huge survey that many of the users are not feel safe for logging to hotmail email account in public computers or other computers. To overcome this problem there is an option in Hotmail to sign in with single use code. Go to then you get a dialog box of entering your Hotmail Email and Password refused it and move on to “Single –Use Code” then you will directly to next page where you will be asked your email id or mobile number. Next, you have to enter your verified mobile number. After entering mobile number you will get a code and now you can safely access your Hotmail Account without any obstacles. Each time you will get new code and with that code you can easily access Hotmail Account without using Hotmail Login Password.

Hotmail Login Two Step Verification

So this is another process to make your Hotmail Email account more secure in many ways. Well if you turn on two step verification for Hotmail Account in setting. So basically two step verification is mainly for securing your account when you will go to login your hotmail account you have to enter another code along with your password for every time you login to hotmail account from unknown devices and browsers. After that you will get your authentication code to your verified mobile number or alternative email address.

sign up hotmail

Hotmail Login Problem

  • My Account is Hacked

This is the common problem faced by many users because of simple passwords, downloading hacking software etc. So here we have solution to save your Hotmail Account from piracy and hacking. Just follow these steps:

  • If your account is hacked by someone because of your simple password without using special characters and someone has guessed, then use your recovery number or email and reset your Hotmail Password and make it strong this time including mixed characters (&,*,#,+).
  • Another way, if you’re Hotmail Account is hacked by someone using virus then clear your computer before changing your password. Be careful while downloading unofficial app/program/game. Must update your computer anti-virus.
  • After you recover your hotmail account you can get back Hotmail email messages and contacts even if a hacker has deleted it.
  • Didn’t receive Verification Code

Make sure you have go into the correct cell phone number. And ensure whether you are inside cellular system or not. You can ask for to resend the code if it didn’t approach in occasion. And for two step confirmation, it’s improved to employ email or authenticator request to make security code.

  • My Hotmail account redirected to

Do not fret, it is not a trouble. Microsoft has improvement the to All your emails, contacts in addition to calendar stay put same and you can right of entry all of them with your older Hotmail email. You do not have to alter your Hotmail id.

  • I can’t login with my Hotmail aliases

You can send as well as accept mail from your aliases report but to login you have to exercise your prime Hotmail account which you have signed up.

At the end, if you are facing more problems than you can easily mail us or comment below for learning more steps regarding hotmail login account or how to hotmail sign in email account. On the very next post, we are preparing to secure your hotmail account from threads and get more privacy in the emails. Now you can also learn how to create an account hotmail by following the given steps. You can just share this post on our Facebook timeline and also share this post with your friends and families to help them from these bridges.